Canon Pixma Error 5100 – How to Fix

Canon Pixma Error 5100 - How to Fix

Canon Pixma Error 5100 – Fixed

Are You Looking For A Solution For Your Canon Printer Error 5100?

Canon Printers are used by millions of people across the world in offices, schools, homes, etc. And thus, it becomes one of the leading brands in the printer industry. 

However, while using Canon printers, many users often come across errors. And, service error 5100 Canon Printer is one such error, which is reported by many users worldwide.

Canon error 5100 indicates that there is an issue with the ink cartridge. This error can be resolved using the service mode and flushing the printer heads when a blockage develops. 

The following blog will guide you with the Canon Pixma error 5100 in detail and provide some useful tips to troubleshoot this for various Canon Printer models.

What Is Canon Pixma Error Code 5100?

If you are receiving Canon printer error 5100, this indicates that there is something wrong with your printer’s ink carriage. There could be several reasons for this error. One of the most common reasons behind this error message is due to leftover protective tape or some foreign particle inside the printer.

Signs That Represent Canon error 5100

Here are some signs that show error 5100.

  • Unable to print documents or photos.
  • The printer’s alarm lamp starts flashing orange.
  • The printer timing strip will appear dirty.
  • The ink cartridges move from their actual position.
  • The power lamp will flash alternately.

Why does the Canon Pixma error 5100 occur?

As we discussed above, there could be several causes of the Canon printer error code 5100. Getting a clear idea regarding the error’s causes will not only enable you to fix it but also help you in preventing the error in the future.

  • An error code occurs when you avoid keeping your Canon printer’s outer section clean, dirt, and debris.
  • When the ink cartridge of your Canon is not authentic, you may see this error code.
  • Not keeping the interiors of your Canon printer clean. This could also be the reason for the 5100 error.
  • A 5100 error code arises when a problem occurs due to the ink absorber of your printer.
  • Not cleaning the print head of your machine regularly. Thus, your printer will get affected by this error code.
  • When pieces of paper are stuck to your printer, this is a good cause of the 5100 error code.
  • Not using the printing paper of the correct thickness and size. It will also increase the possibility of error 5100.
  • When the ink cartridge of your machine is not installed in the right position, this error code can be found.
  • Unwanted obstructions in the pathway of your machine can lead to a 5100 error.
  • A faulty FINE cartridge or a FINE cartridge that is not original.

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Which Canon Printer Model Has This Problem?

Most of the printers have this error but there are some specific model series that have this issue mostly. Generally, the PIXMA model series printer encounters Canon Printer Error 510 mostly. There are few printer models for which users search for solutions frequently in order to fix the 5100 error. 

In the following section, we’re going to explain solutions for some printer models that usually come across with this problem.

Canon MP160

Canon Printer MP160 usually show this error code. So, in order to troubleshoot service error 5100, you need to make sure there is no protective sheet attached to your printer. There could be chances that you might forget to remove the protective layer from the printer, which further leads to Canon Pixma 5100 code error.

In order to resolve this issue, here are the following instructions:

  • Open the printer’s paper output cover and check – is the protective tape/material stuck in the FINE Cartridge?
  • If yes, remove it and close the cover properly.
  • Restart the printer and determine whether the problem is resolved or not.
  • Lubricate the purge cap.
  • Clean the timing film.

Canon MP237

Error code 5100 can also occur in Canon printer MP237 like almost all other Canon models. As we mentioned above, one main cause of this is the improper replacement of an ink cartridge inside the printer. It might restrict the printer to work properly. So, rectify this issue by making an appropriate ink cartridge placement.

Canon MX922

A number of users often make complaints that they experienced error 5100 while using the Canon MX922. Common observations of such occurrences are either the printer packing material hasn’t been removed or there is an interruption in the printer paper feed path. 

To remove this error, it’s recommended to remove the packing material, and then remove the jammed paper

Canon MX472

The error 5100 can also trigger in the Canon MX472 model. And the reason behind this could be associated with the printer ink carriage, paper jam issue, improper installation of the ink tank, or buildup of debris in the carriage head. 

So, fix the Canon 5100 error by wiping the printer heads if the issue is related to blockage.

Canon MX452

In the Canon MX452 model, there could be several reasons for such errors:

  • Improper placement of the ink tank.
  • Jammed paper or any debris inside the printer.
  • The packing material is still inside the printer.
  • Asking for printer resettings.
  • Require cleaning of the encoder film.

The solution for these causes is to make the correct replacement of ink cartridges and clean the debris properly under the mentioned instructions.

Canon MX432

Resolving the Canon 5100 printer error in the MX432 model will start with pinpointing the reasons behind the error occurrence. This would help in trying to resolve the error with different methods.

Check – if there is any jammed paper inside the printer, any debris accumulated inside the printer, or any resetting is required. Such troubleshooting steps can fix the error code 5100.

Canon MP470

Having Canon Printer 5100 error in the MP470 model implies that the ink cartridge is malfunctioning. Despite this, you can also look for other occurrences such as jammed paper issues, harmful objects inside the printer, and many others. Once you become successful in identifying the reason, it is quite easy to troubleshoot the problem. If you still fail to identify the issue, try restarting your Canon printer and making proper adjustments.

Canon MP460

Canon MP460 also shows an indication of error code 5100. So, open the printer cover and clean the debris and other dust particles from the printer. You can also place the ink cartridge properly.

Canon IP100

Canon error 5100 also occurs in the IP100 model due to blockage of ink cartridge movement. Sometimes, users fail to identify such issues. But, you can resolve this issue by checking the gears, the print carriage path, and the plastic encoder strip.

Canon MX495 

Canon service error 5100 in the MX495 model might ask you to cancel printing and switch off the machine. The reason behind this could be jammed paper, protective material that might create obstruction in the header path. So, restart the printer to resolve the error.

Canon TS3122

A user encounters the 5100 error in TS 3122 Canon printer. Hence, it’s necessary to identify the actual reason behind this and resolve it by removing the packing material, the jammed paper and obstructions in the paper feed.

Canon MX492

Canon code 5100 might be irritating. So, know the possible reason behind the error occurrence and troubleshoot it accordingly. Identify whether you need to replace the FINE cartridge from the printer or require adjustment in the ink cartridge panel properly. Plus, there could be a reason for paper jams. Then, clean the encoder strip to resolve the issue.

Canon MX490

Paper jamming could be the reason for the occurrence of Canon 5100 error in Canon MX490. So, check whether papers are stuck in the printer. To resolve the issue, open the printer from the back panel and remove the jammed papers instantly.

Canon MG3020 

Encountering error code 5100 in the Canon MG3020 often prompts a notification of resetting the printer. However, before jumping to the final conclusion, you should identify the reason behind the error because there could be a reason for the ink cartridge. By using the service mode and cleaning the printer heads, you can fix the Canon service error 5100.

Canon MG2922

Error 5100 occurs when you use the Canon printer MG2922 model. There could be several reasons, including paper jam issue, improper replacement of ink cartridge, and many others.

So, reseat the ink cartridge, remove the debris, and make sure the printer timing strip is in appropriate condition.

Canon MG3022 

Canon error code 5100 in Canon printer MG3022 directs you to cancel printing and restart the printer. So, make sure there isn’t any foreign material or jammed paper inside the printer that obstructs the FINE cartridge holder. Hence, it’s recommended that you correctly install the ink tank and reset the printer to resolve error code 5100.

Step by Step Guide To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5100

You might be struggling around and asking the same question again and again “How do i clear Canon Printer error 5100?” Many of us experience the same situation, right?

But, don’t worry! The following section provides relatable instructions to combat Canon Printer error code 5100.  

Let’s have a look at the following steps:

Let’s have a look at the following steps:

  • Reset The Ink Cartridge

Canon Ink Cartridge

We have already explained some signs that could hinder the process of printing and encountered the Canon Printer error code 5100. And, the ink cartridge available inside the printer could be the problem. Therefore, it’s recommended to make proper settlement of the ink cartridge to function properly. So, open the front panel of the printer and reset the cartridge.

  • Reset The Printer Machine

Sometimes, it is essential to reset the printer for troubleshooting the error, which could occur due to using the Canon printer for a long time. Maybe your printer is handling the heavy work. So, reset it to keep the printer in working condition. For this, you need to press the stop button for 5 seconds and then release it. Hence, your printer will get to work.

  • Look For Obstacles Or Obstruction

Any obstacle which may prevent or hinder the movement of cartridges in its pathway may result in a printer error 5100. Look for any obstacles which may be in the pathway of the cartridge. If you find any clear it.

  • Clear The Jammed Paper Inside The Printer

The paper jamming issue is also another problem, which could confront an error code 5100. Whenever you try to print something, your computer screen ends up with this error code. It means your paper gets stuck in the printer. So, open the printer panel and check whether the paper is stuck or not. And, clear out all the jammed paper instantly.

  • Reset Ink Absorber

As we know, the main purpose of the ink absorber is to absorb the waste ink in the printer. Sometimes, the ink absorber could create a problem and error, which shows the 5100 error. So, what we can do is reset the ink absorber by pressing and holding the power button. And, while holding the power button, reconnect the power cord. As the printer gets powered on, release the power button, wait for 5 seconds and again press the power button.

  • Clean The Printing Strip

Printer Encoder Strip - Canon Pixma Error 5100

The printing strip is a white plastic material available inside the printer, located above the drive belt. It is translucent and serves a significant role in printing. Therefore, if you are getting an error 5100, check the strip. Make sure it is clean. If any ink or debris is sitting there, wipe it immediately with a soft dry cloth.

Bottom Line

We understand that identifying the issues could be frustrating and stressful. That’s why we came up with this blog. So, you can easily troubleshoot the issues significantly to save a lot of time and money.

We hope that the blog has provided abundant information about the Canon error code 5100 and will help in combating the same issue easily.