How to Fix Mouse Cursor Disappears in Windows 10?

fix mouse pointer or cursor disappears on windows 10

Mouse pointer or cursor disappears on Windows 10 [Solved]

Is your mouse cursor missing in windows 10?

Need to fix Windows 10 mouse cursor disappearing issue?

People have asked such questions at various platforms like Microsoft Community, Super User, and many more.

In the past, many users have complained about the sudden mouse pointer disappearing or cursor disappeared in Windows 10 in laptop .

According to them, this situation usually occurs after upgrading from their previous version of Windows or waking their computer from sleep mode.

This can be bothersome when you are in the middle of a class, doing your class project, or attending an important meeting & you found windows 10 mouse pointer missing. Most of the people in such a situation will panic and they probably think where did my mouse go, can’t find cursor windows 10? Where did my cursor go on my laptop? How will I use Windows without a mouse?

But, you don’t need to panic. Here are the top 8 solutions to fix cursor disappears in windows 10

Table of Contents –

#1 – Reboot Your Pc if Mouse Cursor Disappears Windows 10

At times, all that it takes to fix a certain Windows 10 mouse cursor disappear issue, you need to restart the operating system.

However, since you are in a situation where you are not able to use your mouse, you can follow below-mentioned steps –

1. Press Windows key and X simultaneously.

2. Using arrow Up, you need to select shut down or sign out.

3. With the help of the right arrow, navigate to the restart option and then hit enter.

mouse cursor disappeared on windows 10

4. You need to wait and let your computer reboot. After some time try to move your mouse to see if the cursor appears on the screen.

#2 – Scan PC for Malware if Windows 10 Shows No Cursor on Startup

Malware is responsible for a wide array of issues in Windows 10 if in case you have disappearing mouse on laptop windows 10, including the disappearing of the mouse cursor. Therefore, it is advisable to scan your device with a popular anti-malware program :

1. The first step involves pressing the Windows key with T simultaneously and then hitting the tab.

2. Reach scan now by pressing the tab and then hit enter.

3. At this point, you need to wait for the scan to finish.

#3 – Use Windows Function Keys if Touchpad Cursor Disappears

There is a possibility that the installation of Windows 10 may have disabled the function of the mouse cursor, causing the lost mouse printer cursor in Windows 10.

If that is the issue you are facing, it can be easily resolved by pressing the Windows function keys on your keyboard.

Depending on the models of your keyboard and mouse, the Windows key you have to hit will vary from one another. Hence, you may try the below-mentioned combinations to fix the issue in Windows 10 –

Fn + F3 / Fn + F5 / Fn + F9 / Fn + F11

In case you are not able to recoup your cursor using the Fn key, you may have some errors with your mouse driver in Windows 10.

To fit Windows 10 with the compatible mouse drivers, you may have to roll back your mouse drivers or update it.

#4 – Update the Mouse Driver if Mouse Pointer Disappears Windows 10

At times, the issue is with the drivers of the mouse. So, it is advisable to update mouse drivers windows 10 to see if it helps resolve the issue.

download mouse drivers windows 10

Your driver might be automatically updated to the latest version that is not compatible or it might contain a bug and in some cases, it can make the pointer move on its own.

There is no method to confirm the exact cause behind the issue. So, you should first update the drivers.

But, if that doesn’t work then you should roll back the driver to see if that resolves the issue.

1. Press Windows key and R simultaneously.

2. Type devmgmt.msc and then press Enter.

how to fix cursor disappeared in windows 10

3. With the help of up and down keys move through the list. In case you face a problem using the arrow keys, then try pressing Tab key once. This will make the arrow keys functional.

4. Using the arrow keys, you have to navigate to the mouse and other pointing devices.

5. When you have reached the mouse and other pointing devices, press the right arrow key.

6. Hit the down key to enter the sub-menu and select your mouse device.

7. Press shift and F10 simultaneously.

8. Using the arrow keys, reach properties and hit enter.

9. Now, press the Tab key till the time you reach the General tab.

mouse cursor disappears on windows 10 solved

10. With the help of the arrow key, access the driver tab. Press Enter or Tab to open it.

11. You need to press the tab key repeatedly as it takes to select the Update Driver button. Then you need to press enter

12. With the help of the arrow keys, select the option of search automatically to driver update software windows 10 and hit enter

mouse cursor disappeared windows 10 - update driver

13. You need to wait for it to complete and check whether the mouse cursor is working or not. In case the update doesn’t work or it fails to find new updates then hit the cancel button.

This move will bring back to the properties window of your mouse device.

14. In the properties window, check the availability for the roll back driver. If it is there, hit enter

mouse cursor disappears windows 10 - rollback driver

15. With the help of up and down arrow keys, select the reason.

16. You will have to keep pressing the tab repeatedly until it reaches yes. Once you are there, hit enter.

solutions to fix cursor disappears in windows 10

17. This process will help roll back the drivers. Check if the mouse cursor came back or not.

#5 – Roll Back the Mouse Driver

If you have updated the mouse drivers, but you are still facing the same issue, then the latest mouse driver version might not be compatible with Windows 10.

You can try to roll back your mouse drivers .

Below is how –

1. Repeat steps 1-4 discussed in Solution Two.

2. Hit enter.

3. Hit the tab repeatedly till the time the square is on General.

4. Hit the right arrow key to go to Driver.

5. Hit the tab repeatedly until the Roll back driver is selected. Then press enter

6. Follow further on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.

7.  Restart your computer and you will have your mouse cursor back.

#6 – Enable the Mouse Device to Fix Cursor Disappeared

In this method, we will access Control Panel tools. To do this, you need to type a command in the Run dialog box. Generally, run path is used to directly open an application or document whose path is unknown.

Note Since we cannot use the mouse, we will use the keyboard to carry out all the steps.

1. Press Windows key and R simultaneously.

2. In the run window, you have to type main.cpl and hit enter.

mouse pointer or cursor disappears on windows 10

3. This will open mouse properties. Use the tab key and arrow keys to navigate to the device settings tab.

4. Press the tab key repeatedly until the enable button is selected and then hit enter

cursor has disappeared after upgrading to windows 10

5. This will enable your mouse cursor.

#7 – Change Pointer Settings

You can bring back your mouse cursor by changing a few cursor settings. The disappearance of your mouse can be due to the cursor settings.

1. Press the Windows key and press R simultaneously.

2. Type main.cpl and hit enter

3. With the help of arrow keys, go to the pointer options tab and hit enter to open it.

ways to fix mouse cursor disappears - windows 10

4. Press tab key repeatedly till the time you reach the option of enhancing pointer precision.

5. Using the tab key, go to display pointer trails. Hit the enter key to enable this option.

6. You have to use the same method to uncheck hide the option of the pointer while typing.

7. This is where you have to check the box of check location of pointer when I press the Ctrl key.

how do i get my cursor back on windows 10

8. Go to apply and hit enter

9. You can restart the system using the steps mentioned in Solution One.

#8 – Fix Mouse Pointer Missing on Chrome or Mouse Cursor Disappears Chrome

In the past,  people have made complaint like the cursor does not show up in chrome. There have been reports showing the disappearance of mouse cursor while browsing in Google Chrome.

This is where you need to disable hardware acceleration for Chrome to show the mouse cursor in the browser.

  • Open Chrome and go to Settings > Advanced > System > Use hardware acceleration when available.

how to turn hardware acceleration on and off in chrome

Possibly, you will be able to see the mouse cursor in Chrome without hardware acceleration.

Wrap Up

Now you know various ways of how to bring back cursor in windows 10. Hope the fixes on mouse cursor disappears in Windows 10 discussed in this article will help you get your lost mouse cursor back and resolve this issue once and for all.

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