What Is SWP 9258923044FixBit On Your Credit Card Statement?

Are you seeing SWP 9258923044FixBit as an entry on your credit card statement.

There is an entry with SWP 9258923044FixBit in your credit card statement because either you or your family member have signed-up for the free trial version of FixBit – A driver update software for Windows.

The credit card details have been used to register for the 7-day free trial period of the product. You will also observe that there are two entries of SWP 9258923044FixBit one with .99 and the other with -.99.

You need not get worried or panic, as this is simply the preauthorization charge that is deducted and immediately refunded to your credit card.

In your statement, you will also find the other order-related details like the date when you opted for the trial version of FixBit.

What does SWP 9258923044FixBit stand for?

SWP 9258923044FixBit can be subdivided into the following sections:

SWP: SWP stands for Secure Web Payments.The order placed for FixBit was processed through the Secure Web Payments online shopping cart

9258923044: It is the support/customer care number. In case of any queries related to the software, you can reach out to  the support team on this number.

FixBit: It is the name of the driver updater software that has been purchased.

SWP 9258923044FixBit

You need not panic or get worried if your credit card statement has a record corresponding to SWP 9258923044FixBit.

This is simply an affirmation that you have registered for the Free Trial version of the driver updater – FixBit.

These are the preauthorization details for FixBit, the order for which has been processed using Secure Web Payments shopping cart.

Order processing using SWP

SWP or Secure Web Payments  is an online shopping cart that has been integrated to ensure a safe and secure sign-up of FixBit free trial version. The cart facilitates a protected environment to carry out online credit card transactions.

Credit cards of several companies including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB etc are supported by SWP.

SWP also follows strict measures to make sure that user data and the credit card details are not misused, shared or copied.

You will be facilitated with an anti-fraud, anti-identity theft, safe and secure environment to process online payment.

SWP affirms that you easily carry out and manage the sign-up online for FixBit free trial using your credit card details.

Once your order has been processed, a confirmatory mail will be sent to your registered email ID with the Activation/License key. The mail will also include the following order-related details:

Manual & Quick FixBit Activation Steps

Trial Order number, date and time when the order was placed

Free Trial ends after 7 days. After the offer has expired, your account will be charged (USD $35.95) for FixBit.

For any queries related to the Order, please contact us at FixBit Contact page or email us at support@securewebpayments.com